Vertical Farming Shanghai ——Only Trade Fair specialized on Vertical Farming in China

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The Future of Farming is Vertical.


By 2050, the world's population is expected to reach 9 billion. It is estimated that food production must increase by 70% to meet the food needs of the global population. This means that in the next 30 years, the farm must produce an unprecedented amount of food. However, the current amount of arable land is not enough, and due to the negative impact of global deforestation (including desertification and floods), it is impossible to cut more forests for cultivation, intensifying the greenhouse effect.

Plus global trend of urbanisation, climate change and limited natural resources, improving production efficiency has become the only way out. Vertical agriculture is the most effective agricultural technological change in addition to traditional technologies such as increasing production and resilience. Meanwhile, Vertical farming realizes true zero-mile city food supply. Vertical farms can be built in new or existing buildings and provide significant benefits in environmental sustainability and human health, minimizing the need for water and nutrients, and eliminating pesticides and fungicides, which are no longer needed.

Vertical farming and urban agriculture, if designed and implemented appropriately, could offer sustainable and innovative solutions for improving food security in a small footprint. Vertical farming is bound to become one of the protagonists in the future agricultural field.

Vertical Farming Shanghai is only dedicated trade fair and conference for vertical/indoor farming & plant factory business in China. The goal is aiming to build up a professional exchange and trade platform for global vertical farming industry, and present world's latest products, technologies and green life concepts to everyone.